ORGANIC prosecco raphael dal bo 

The potential of an organic Prosecco has convinced us since the beginning of our work, which is the reason why we invested all our energy and know-how in this project. We bottled our first organic Prosecco in October 2003.   

Best locations and perfect microclimate are necessary to produce sustainably and constantly a high quality organic Prosecco. And above all people who work with passion and conviction.

Our Prosecco first received the Bio Suisse organic certification in 2009, thereby becoming the first Prosecco ever to hold the bud label – a milestone we are very proud of. Today we hold all the  most important organic certifications in the world.

To crown it all, at the 2010 Expovina International Wine Awards in Zurich we received the gold medal for the best Extra Dry sparkling wine in Europe.  


Our organic products stand for highest quality and pleasure. The strict organic guidelines ensure the most careful processing and meet a particularly high standard.

The foundations of our organic Prosecco are a dynamic vineyard, robust grapevines and a healthy soil. We deliberately choose not to use chemical synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers. This ensures that our soils preserve their original character and that biodiversity is maintained. 

The use of organic fertilizer means that grapevines grow slower, grapes hang loosely and form a firmer skin, helping them stay healthy. We protect our vines against diseases and parasites with vegetable or mineral compounds. 

In order to have healthy grapes, we thin out leafage manually, deliberately renouncing a maximal harvest. Moreover, instead of killing weeds with herbicides we practice green manuring in order to promote the proliferation of useful organisms. 

Rejecting chemical synthetic pesticides and artificial fertilizers saves energy and is good for the environment. This means we preserve our soils, water and air from environmental toxins.

The gentle handling of soil and plants also has a favourable effect during wine pressing, allowing our Proseccos to maintain well the grapes’ aromas. The result is a very aromatic organic Prosecco with a wonderfully fresh and persistent taste.